I have a life of pleasure
I am suspended in armchair leisure
I put my feet on the ottoman (empire)
Here in a world of turmoil
I have my comfort in control
And the answer's reclining (it's obvious)
Chorus: Here I sit and here I say (the lazy boy)
"Hello to U.S.A. today!" (the lazy boy)
Dollywood and Billy Ray (the lazy boy)
A place to pass the time away (the lazy boy)
Here I keep tabs on Euro-stocks
I have a stereo that rocks!
And I take calls in the bathtub (it's cellular)
There is a console to my right
With reruns of Charlie's Angels every night
I can't keep track of the blond one (the third one)
At the end of the day it's the chair I trust
The cushion is comfy and the works don't rust
With a straight line of vision to my Elvis bust
Watch the kingdom, eat the bread crust
Fine all the time is the way I feel
Cracking the code of the "Let's make a deal!"
I can change my world 'cause my boy's on wheels
Improve your lifestyle, you must get real!
I was a down and out Canuck
Now I have put my faith in lazy luck
Since they removed all the barriers (49th parallel)
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The Lazy Boy Lyrics

Moxy Fruvous – The Lazy Boy Lyrics