(Mike on lead, with Jian harmonizing)

Don't ya tell me what you're putting in my lunch box don't tell me what your
Feeding me today, don't fill my head with trouble while I'm scarfin down a
Cheese soufle

I wanna be a new, original creation a cross between a moose a monkey and a
Fig I'm ready Monsanto let me be your guina pig

'cause the seed we sew aint good enough the earth we plow it aint good enough
The food we grow well it's never been up to scratch,

The geezer with the beard and all the angels made a few mistakes I don't
Know why we don't need him anymore if geneticly modefy

So don't ya tell me what you're puttin in my lunch box I got a crazy
Pioneering additude don't bother me with labels gotta get a belly full of

Gotta geta belly fulla franken-food
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Guinea Pig Lyrics

Moxy Fruvous – Guinea Pig Lyrics