My friends and I took a walk today
To a place we've been before
We flipped around like a wild machine
Till we stopped down by the store
Someone said
*Let's go for a walk upon the water
Let's go for a stroll across the sea
First one, follow me
Amidst my thoughts didn't feel inclined
To drift into the bay
By now my friends, could see their minds
As I watched them drift away, all singing
Three small bodies swept up by the morning tide
Now their souls are washed up
Faith destroyed their minds
Better get the Life inspector
Bring along his mind director
You know I'm innocent
I just didn't expect their trip to last
With the gale force that crossed their path
I could see them sinking fast, still singing
This tale of common sense will end on
Please don't drink and drive
Especially when you're driving friends
Along the waterside, still singing
Follow me, follow me, follow me
(Repeat and fade
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Walk Upon The Water Lyrics

M.o.v.e – Walk Upon The Water Lyrics

Songwriters: ROY WOOD
Walk Upon The Water lyrics © T.R.O. INC.

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