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Dry Bones Lyrics

Mouth Of The South – Dry Bones Lyrics

Staring down this barrel, our silence breeds death.
Speak up, speak out, resurrect.

Dry bones with potential of life but we mime to an audience blind.
Pull the pin.
No concern for the lost of this world we shut our mouths as we walk on by.
Will you be the one to break the silence
And not settle for positive just to spare an offense?
Do not hesitate to speak, life is caged only by teeth.
Do not hesitate to speak, life is what this world needs.
Four winds fill these sails and propel us down this sea.
Give us the breath of life, give us words to speak.
Death is equal to life when life is unmentioned.
Point the barrel, pull the trigger just like keeping your mouth shut.

Resurrection; resurrection.
Use your words, use your actions, use whatever it takes.
We are ambassadors of life, boldly proclaim.

It has been so much longer than 4 days, what are you waiting for?
You can already smell the flesh decomposing, what more motivation do you need?
Life starts at the tip of your teeth, like an ocean growing from your throat, a hydrant to the seed, a water warrior with a plowshare sword commanding willows from concrete!
Discover new ways of self harm, cut yourself to the core, separate the goats from the sheep!
Your fear of man is a cop-out, it has nothing do with what you perceive others to see.
Your tongue is a rudder, but you lack passion for the sea.
So what comes out is drought soaking moisture from desert air, hanging dry, your bones and the tome of life from which you refuse to speak becomes your condemning tomb.
So I ask, "In whom do you believe?".
Speak up, speak out.
Come forth, no longer dry bones.
Come forth, breath of life fill these lungs.
Come forth!
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