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Résumé Lyrics

Mouse On Mars – Résumé Lyrics

In my résumé
What will I say
About games I had to play
To try to get my way
In my résumé?

Shall I write about
How long my existence was in doubt?
Or do the things
I was ashamed to shout about
In my résumé?

Will I sing
Oh at last
My future's become my past?
I’ve seen the rocks of Alcatraz
In my résumé

I’m thinking as I’m writing
I’m sketching as I go
Trying to put into perspective
Things my children oughtta know
Gotta be so careful
I don’t lead minds astray
It’s how you read what’s written in the past
That makes the future style its way
In my résumé

What will I say
When it’s time for the right
To have a better, better
Much better way?

I had a hit record
It was a hit throughout the country
And it was a smash hit
Throughout the south
It’s called "Baby You Are My Everything"
(My eyes so that I can see
My lips, darling, so that I can speak
My nose so that I)
And that’s what got me on the tour
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