You shall be cast down
Before even dreams were dreamt of
There existed misery
Epitome of gods and men alike
Tormented as they struggled
Amidst chaos, twisted beings did mesh as one
Not yet beyond the veil
To be as waxen idols...
Crafted with the blackest hand of matter
Birthed was the unseeing eye
Divinity renamed...
Silence the unhearer
Burden thy path not more
Shade the beacon light
Keep hidden from ones
Whom seek not paths of worth
Drink the Soma
Vision the white lotus
Seated upon the thousandth petal
Crucified to the days of three
Emerge, open thy eye
View the innate and dream the dream
Behold the nirvanic temple...
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The Epitome Of Gods And Men Alike Lyrics

Mournful Congregation – The Epitome Of Gods And Men Alike Lyrics