Every decision I have ever made has led me here
I've got to keep pushing forward
I've got to maintain control
This is the one truth that I'll always know
Because I don't believe in fate
My life, my choices to make

At what point do we lose our dreams
Why do they fade away?
We used to act like we had nothing to lose
And came at everything with a child-like hope.

Why must we answer to these men
Who only really care about themselves
I've got your back, and you've got mine
Let's do things our way this time
It just breaks my heart
To see so many people lose that fire in their soul.
(Don't you remember what stirs your soul?)
Are you still with me?
Are you still listening?
It's never too late to start again
To create a future that you choose
And not let anyone tell you what to do.

Like a splinter under my nail.
It roots deep into my skin
And I can't seem to get it out
No dead ends in life,
Just detours Ambiguous paths with unclear direction

Teach me to keep pushing forward

I am grateful for what I have
But I will never settle for less
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Break The Static Lyrics

Motives – Break The Static Lyrics

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