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Tehachapi Bloodline Lyrics

Mother Hips – Tehachapi Bloodline Lyrics

I can see us lost across the mountains
And our heads are filled with dental gold and counselling.
I do not believe that anyone here has found it
But I know it's no on top of some damn mountain.
But it's always mounting.
I had a friend who moved himself up to Tehachapi.
He said "All this desert air is gonna be so good for me."
But don't you see that I wish it was that he might still be here with me
And I hope that all of you will not fall so easily.
Loneliness confuses me.

All the teenagers that were exiting the Bluebird school buses, the boys were tender and slender and the girls all wore jeans under their dresses.
There was something about their eyes, something that left a message so I put out my cigarette and walked on up to the nearest one of those kids that I could find and asked him what was on his mind...
The harder the nut, the sweeter the nectar.
I tried and I tried but I could not remember.

I can see you lost across the crosswalk, honey
And I hope you know that happiness will not bring you money.
I can see you laughing but it's not very funny
'cause you crack the nut and the juice runs red and runny,
The blood runs down.
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