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Frontlines Lyrics

Mos Def – Frontlines Lyrics

On urban terrain, I strive to maintain
Stress and strain with a whole heap of pain
Alot of fucking games that I can't seem to win
I'm living in the land of sin
I close my eyes and I count to ten thousand
shit is still fucked up down at public housing
Turn in the tv just to see my man on the news
No job but he had to pay a hundred dollar shoes
So I get my head ready cuz I know where I'm at
I got good sense and now I need thousand gats
Cuz timess in america is all out of order
you gotta pay just to get good drinking water
They going bucknuts and I ain't trying to hear it
The??? Is hear
I stay cool in the babylon swelter
Bout to build a house with a fucking bomb shelter
Cuz it's a lot of smaller faces out here and I don't trust em
Mutherfuckers make a wrong move and imma bust em
I'm sleeping on the floor with my nines by the door
War ain't fair it's war
Frontline, mutherfucka
you can never underestimate your enemy.
You gotta realize there's people who wake up 6 am in the morning to jog
Running for they life cuz they don't underestimate your enemy.
shit in here's getting kinda warm
Mutherfuckas' didn't know that I had this form
I'm spitting buckshots and you could all get dropped
Mutherfucka best I'm taking all head shot
It's the great beat breaker brakalak jacker
Dominant g, son, it gets no blacker
you scared bitch asses with the style you lack
I'm having reoccurring dreams of blowing out your back
So take that and that and that and that
I'm as hard as it gets you can't sit where I sat
Role with an I'll crew pack a big?? Juel
I ain't the bitch steady trying to get a new hair doo(ooooo)
Look you ain't gotta like it cuz shit is real
Imma say it feel the truth must be revealed
Your eyes wide open and you still can't see
Steady smoking blunts talking bout 'I'm free'
Spend all your time sleeping with the enemy
Doing dumb shit that you seen on the tv
Can't get caught up in the hocus pocus
Times is so hopeless I gotta keep focus
And imma do whatever it takes
Cuz shit ain't easy but that's the breaks
Times is too wil' to smile
I'm ready to get it on, son, you know my style
Can't clam cuz I'm here for mine
From now to 99, frontline motherfucka!
There's no room for fear. We're giving these heads the respect and credit that
They don't deserve.
You know what I'm saying? That's why they don't respect us.
When we start to realize who we are, then we can clearly see who they are.
Originallity is now a?? Yummy sound bite??
Everything sound?? Type of trife but don't sound right??
Treading over urban terrrain is a great source of pain
But that's the path I chose so I can't complain
If I get honory pardon me gems and jets
I'm on a mission in a very fucking literal sense
If heads don't understand there's no consequence
Cuz now everyones worthy to hold my confidence
In a world so?? I stand frontline
Could capture this motion and mad explosion
The vision decension and mass attention
Strifiling congestion and no progression
I try to keep on looking at the prize
But I'm stready wiping blood out my eyes
Mr charlie could you?? Pop some record mother??
And we fucking turn around and shoot each other
Run for cover well that ain't a fucking option
I'm coming thru head first I ain't stopping
Suckas wont speak cuz I speak on these topics
But don't sleep I'm keeping heat like the tropics
A full clip and my hand on my dick
I'm like a motherfucking elephent I don't forget shit
From megaevers down to??
Black bodies swinging from trees outlining american hills
Talk all that racism shit if you want to
But white man I don't trust you and I will bust you
Even if you try to act trife
It's the M O S all loked out for life
A hundred years ago you brought the rah rah
Now it's recycle and kumbaya
And I ain't going out like a punk
You say?? You could call it what you want
No sipping I gotta stay aware
I'm too prepared to be stepping out scared
Brothers eyes are watching can't go out like a sucka
Mos def is sending another frontline, motherfuckas
Vctory is your only choice. There's no other alternative for victory.
And the only way to vbe victorious is to understand your enemey.
You gotta understand they're fighting to survive and we're fighting to live.
They're fightng for something totally different and the differences are great.
And we have to realize tat they're times is up.
And if they're desperate then the desperate enemy should not be hard pressed
Because has nothing to lose.
He will take him to hell with him.
So you either fight to win or fight to die.
Fight to win or fight to die.
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