Deep within secluded laboratories, minds driven insane. Sights resemble that
Of macabre slaughterhouses, subjected to sickening experimentations. Testing
Their thresholds of pain, deprived of muscle growth, caged, surgically
Deafened, infested, shackled and vivisected, crippled from infection,
Suffering depression physically exhausted. All for pointless research. Blood
Discharging from blinded eyes. Improper autopsies on half dead specimens,
Waiting to soon become corpses. Still trembling from electro shock. Chocked
By the noxious fumes in inhalation chambers, viciously burned alive,
Inhaling jet fuel vapors. Blast injuries, ruptured eardrums bleeding
Expulsion of gastric contents through their mouths dehydrated, deceased,
Deformed, eradicated born of filth. Raised in misery. Blood, feces, urine
And vomit, the odors fill the air the terrified shrieks of agony, the
Gagging, the retching. Science gone insane...
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Monkey Cage Lyrics

Mortal Decay – Monkey Cage Lyrics