Born at the Indian Ganges side
Death laughs, because your mum's legs are open wide
Drop down, guilty soon you'll be
A senseless piece of meat wich is going to bleed
Toy of the gods, old religion's law
Accept the fact that life turns into gore
Living a life people don't understand
Massacred, beaten to death by an old fanatic land ruined...
Decay of human pride fate
In a womb you cannot hide
So better close your eyes
Female infanticide
Fall deep - onto the dirty rotten ground
The ship of life decides to let you die
Peace they never found
Pull out of the warm and lovely hut
Father judging over you: eyes forever shut
Bones melted to dust, the whiplash rises high
You're breathing out your inner life
Humanity begins to cry
Megagenocide, mankind they derange
A ritual that will never change
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Female Infanticide Lyrics

Morgoth – Female Infanticide Lyrics