Verse 1:
I can hear your smile at the end of the line,
I hear your laugh when you're not there.
I feel you next to me it's like living in yesterday
Though I know inside this life's not fair.

But nothing's new,
I'm still waiting on day waiting on a dream
Waiting cos I care, for you
Will be, I know
Waiting in the shadows of a dream and I'm not there
Will I ever see that day, again

It hurts I know,
So hard to show that you're waiting,
Why are we waiting?
Why can't they see in this life I lead,
I'll be waiting, always waiting
Can you rescue me?

Verse 2:
As your army rides away,
I will walk into the distance and await another day,
It's like a million new ways forward
When you only need the one
To go back to where you started
Turning slowly from the sun�
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Why Are We Waiting Lyrics

Morgan Sheather – Why Are We Waiting Lyrics

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