I can't believe what you're saying is true
It all just seems like a bad excuse
To get away from all your problems

And why do you insist on being afraid
'Cause baby I'm here to stay
C'mon, c'mon, let's dance the night away


Your tiny bed frame squeaks
Beneath our tangled limbs
I'm so happy where I am

Your soft touch shakes my arms
I don't know where to start
How about I love you?

Yes I do.
I love you.
Yes. I. Do.

Oh darling please don't you forget to breathe
And for God sakes, keep living. (7xs)

(Your eyes shine like the moon
And your smile's as warm as the coat surrounding you)(5xs)

I love you.
Yes I do.
I. Love. You.
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Winter Coats, Warm Smiles Lyrics

Morgan Laurence – Winter Coats, Warm Smiles Lyrics