When I was a young man,
I thought I knew it all.
I told some tales
And I told them tall.

Now I'm old and grey,
It's kind of a bummer.

I'm a nother year older,
Nother year dumber.

I'm a fool around the house,
I can't fix a dog gone thing.

Sumpin goes wrong
I give a specialist a ring.

I got trouble with the sink,
I better call the plumber.

I'm a nother year older,
Nother year dumber.

... ain't this a shame...

They tell you get older wiser
But I don't believe it's true.

On account of some self examination
Of the foolish things I do.

Sometimes I think my little daughter
Is pulling things over on me.

And occasionally I order products
Advertised on late night TV.

I forget my left from my right,
Can't remember to turn out the light.

Can't recall when my memory was strong
And sometimes the words to this song.

Well well well

Can't decide what to wear,
Is it hot or is it cold.

Seem to be confugled
On account a gettin old

Sometimes I got my parka on
People in the middle of summer

I'm a nother year older,
Nother year dumber.
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Older And Dumber Lyrics

Morgan Davis – Older And Dumber Lyrics

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