Cast your view over eternity
For fallen stars as bleeding scars
This cosmic sea, flowing particle stream
Sun, light and day, moon darkness we pray

Prayed for chaos
Chaos that turns
Turns to black
Blackened it burns
Set the night
To kill the light
And sun which bled
Is truly dead

Razed by the whispers I hear
From the unknown but so clear
The fission flashed obscure it dashes

Refused in fire turns to ashes

Bleeched constellations
Undressed from their beauty
To show how weak you was
You dead failed messiah

Red glowing skies, souls appear in clouds
For thousand pulses
Of a million years in darkness
Devoured worlds which fire has taken
To chant in face of chaos
Enthralling with the dreams

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Eternia Lyrics

Mordicus – Eternia Lyrics

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