Brought you to this world
You were a child full of hate
At first I tried to stop you
But you knew it was too late
Grew to be a man
That would defy all the heavens
Only hope left on Earth
Are the deadly Seven
Damien, the son who has come
To bring death to us all
Damien, by the one of the seven black blades
You will fall
Went to find the child
In the grave of thee unknown
Could not understand the reasons
Why you were not told
Hell hounds running wild
As Satan's blood flows
Through their veins
Once you have the blades in hand
Damien will be slain
Hell civilization will fall
Pray Satan's hearing your call
Satan, you've lost all you built
To the hands of the truth
Found the sign of Satan
On his skull was 666
Took him to the altar
Placed beneath the crucifix
Pain of indecision
As you have to kill your son
Shot down 'cause thought insane
Satan, he has won
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Damien Lyrics

Morbid Saint – Damien Lyrics