Fire burning deep inside
Deprives you of your soul
Penetrates, manipulates
As the fire takes it's toll
Corpse is black
And burning as you gasp
For your last breath
Make the fire bigger
To ensure a certain death

Satan's calling
From the crypts of hell
Blood is boiling
Body starts to swell
End is near, is no other way
Call to Satan
He'll take your life away
Burned at the stake
Your soul will soon arise
Coming back with vengeance
To take their fuckin' lives
Satan controls
Every fucking breath
He his your God in life
And savior in your death
Jesus gave us all a choice
You chose to reign in hell
Satan is your master
He casts an evil spell
Gives you an order
For which you have been sworn
Spend a day with Lucifer
In the land of thee unborn alive

And kicking they hunt you night and day
They burned you at the stake
And now they all must pay
Live in fear
You'll never see the day
A soldier sold to Satan
Think, you better pray
Cannot run cannot hide
Flames are taking toll
He has your blood
Has your corpse
Now he'll have your soul
Lost control of your destiny
From freedom you have fell
Rip and shread
The burning flesh
Now you'll burn in hell...
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Burned At The Stake Lyrics

Morbid Saint – Burned At The Stake Lyrics