Decide, between the ways of the weak,
The sheep, to live a lie
Or to come to life, in victory we stand,
Above the meek
We are wakening

To raise the chalice and toast the conquering
To feast upon the spoils that we claim
We are the one you seek
We are the merciless
We are the all is truth

The awakening of the eyes that sleep
We await, the coming of days
The dawn of light for those of us who see
For now it is our time
To stand above the shattered flock and their lies

We are the one you seek
We are the conquering
We are the all that is truth
We are the merciless

Victors... Come now know your name
In victory we stand
Victors... Now hear me
Brothers... As it must be
Our wake, our secret is broken

The time of the silence now ended
The clearing out, the stormour legions now are one
In victory we stand we are the conquering
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To The Victor The Spoils Lyrics

Morbid Angel – To The Victor The Spoils Lyrics