Everyday it's getting tougher to take that torturing pain
The sweet memories of the past lead me to the end
Knocked down by A game from the first day you watch me dyin
That's not me in the mirror in the dark
That's my end. э know that's the end э know that's the eeend

I miss my past and fear my end
And э'll do so till the end
I miss my past and taste the pain
And э'll do so at the end

Day from day э decay faster you can't know how it feels
Sitting up in bad at night э'm too tired for A sleep
This fear rips my heart apart but э don't know why э'm cryin
There's nothing left to do and э think э can't go on.
I can't go on. э know э can't go on э know can't go ooon...
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Past Lyrics

Mor Ve ̦tesi РPast Lyrics