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Asphyxiated Lyrics

Moors – Asphyxiated Lyrics

Eye lit the stogie at dawn and just admit and be honest
Ain't a need in moving on if eye keep slipping off it
Eye run that fade with consciousness and sleep him since hes soft
And since eyem fast as busting nuts in dreams, sprinting to my coffin
Often times struggle with human nature the pompous lies
Its like trying to maintain erection inside a box of knives
Eye was oscillating till eye found out that eye swam too far
And now eyem in the ocean, pool of liquor at the fucking bar
Might just post up in the car, roll up all the windows
Start the engine in the garage while listening to Git songs
Bitch is like a never ending spiral of greed
Eye tried to fuck her but she didn't even want it or need it
So eye dont trust in what eye see anymore
Eye won't believe in dreams & reaching peaks
With anchored ankles at the sea floor

Eye can hardly take it
Eyem suffocating
Fuck trying to make it

Eye choke on my confusion
Broken focus in my view of shit
Hard to keep it rolling in the struggle
Can't nobody catch me cause eyem falling from the crest
Into the troughs abyss, bunch of carbon caught inside a bubble
Fuck you looking at reflection? dont you know ill shatter you?
Conjure bottled laughter when you show your anti-attributes
Such a fucking ratchet eye can't even keep the blaster to me
Loaded till eyem crashing, my brain is just a bad computer
Eye dont give a damn
River phoenix with this gram of lucifer in hand
Eyem about to take it to the head
Basically eyem dead already all eye see is red
Neglect and mama trauma figure 8 with every breath

Eye can hardly take it
Eyem suffocating
Fuck trying to make it
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