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Offered Blood Lyrics

Moon Tooth – Offered Blood Lyrics

When the light explodes in sound
There are no words left for you

It's real
Sleep, wake, again, again
Try to wrap your mind around what could follow

I give you but a glimpse
And your blood’s turned to fire

This is what the voice said to me
And then in a thunderous roar, it said

I don’t apply to any of your rules
I am the fire you were before you were you

You begin to see how I’ve been waiting
You will not set mid-stride
For we’ve yet to run, let alone fly
So courage
O sore bones, O ache, O offered blood
The gift of pain well-earned
Throbs and volts welcomed as conversation few others understand
They say look brother how we’ve climbed
Four winds and only solid’s left to lift
But mass is pretend when you play at spectacle
All the silent tingles in the air pulse
And the animals know you’re coming


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