[Verse 1]
Onto shoulder to shoulder
Giving me the look
Every time he drags us down
Even we left it in appearance
I see who or what is dealing with
Maybe you know what to say about pay bills
Trying to live a lie against the world
I made it sooner as a swirl
Hope we make this perfect

Twist in a lie
Your lies are ruining me for the best
Maybe it's not for the best
We can make this happen
A world cannot tear us down
But something that a friendship would do
Twist in a lie
It can't be perfect with anyone else's name
Can we live on certain notes
Twist in a lie

[Verse 2]
Don't pick up another call listening on your phone
Will you ever just talk to me
In times or places you rather go
But anytime another lie passes through the air
It's all temperate action
When there's a word that discover a new team
Let's get us pitching through the walk

[Verse 3]
I wanna fill your question with lies
How do you feel about that
Is it normal to speak in other languages
How do you think lying is a great way to leave behind
Tell me to your mother's face
Live and learn but get a smack in the middle
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Twist In A Lie Lyrics

Montgomeries – Twist In A Lie Lyrics