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Memories Lyrics

Monstrocity – Memories Lyrics

Am a loner
Memories of prey
Am a loner
Memories of prey

[El Crisis]
And I have been back in the city
Chillin with maniacity
Thinkin bout this man it's just harder when you worsen it
This flow is beyond right
But am actin like I know calamity
Ah yeah
The world so crazie they praisin me like a deity
Hip hop is dead it used to be all about stability
Strength I got it
I have been seekin out publicity
No one wants that calamity
No one wants that quality
Just stay back
Will all be back from this nightmare
Memories am tryin to call back what I used to be
It's all wise to ask but I think they got me on the run
Demons in my mind and now I can't sleep at night
I've been tryin astral projection
But it aint no workin
It feels like I've been cryin
This is beyond imagination
Got it in my head but I aint no tryin
Bitches if they earn it I'll runnin
Savin my wallet for tomorrow


Explicit is how I spit words when I have been sickened
Coz it's crazy when a man leaves his crazy wife... Chick and shit
Am rolling fountain youth so pluck your souls I will be so proud to do
Am calling in a mountain's booth I talk to red he says am proud of you
Am growing stronger than a hurricane
Yal know am a perfection of God's hands no surgery
If I hear you calling my name
I will be like damn
Coz I will think am that close uh... To fame
Love is the key guess again who just changed the locked
I hear the sound of my c***
I always talk when I am walking like some walkie talkie
Backstabbers go diss me I will eat your beef like pork on a folkie
I don't wanna live here anymore am going to saudi arabia
I have been in darkness these monsters love me like God's lasagne
Am on my roadway to get money so when you see me get on
And money talks look am just trying to make her my spokesperson
Just 3 words mayne I aint playing
Am just saying how I feel about shit am declaring

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