Everything is strange and plain and black around me
Every minute by I said I wish they found me
Every breath I make it seems my heart is taken
Every move I make I feel my life is shaken
Shaken on the floor, left here from war
I said I wish I had time to redo the score
My fists were clenched I tried to jump the fence
Ask myself if the bullet know the difference

I'm terrified
I'm terrified
Jump! Now this war is upon you
I'm terrified

This is all a predictable chain of events

Voices in my head filling me with thoughts of dread

Stare everything in the face
I've got one, one thought for this human race
I've been built to destroy, built to rebuild
It's my strong willed mind you cannot kill

All I taste, is the taste of lead
All I face, is a severed head
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Freelance Terror Lyrics

Monsters – Freelance Terror Lyrics