Dere once was a monkey sitin a tree
Countin up 1, 2, 3
With his shotgun he wud kill u all
So he joined da zoo army brap

Da leader was a gorrila
And he wud crush u all in a sec
With da lions, tigers n girrafes
So they joined the zoo army brap

I went 2 da zoo yesterday
To see wot da zoo kepper had 2 say
Dey sed it's not ma fault there killin ya all
So I went 2 check out this zoo army

Dey were killin everyone dere
Even though they were mainly hair
Dere was a completly mad brown bear
Who had joined da zoo army

It was a sad day 4 all people there
As the zoo army with there hair killed 70 people
Yeah yeah yeah
Da zoo army
Da zoo army
Da zoo army brap
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Zoo Army Lyrics

Monkeys United – Zoo Army Lyrics

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