"Purple Rain", came on today
Why can’t I turn off that song
A simple melody, the lyrics don’t make sense to me
But I always sing along

I don’t know how fast a star falls
What it feels like to have wings
I think you’re probably like cocaine
But I don’t know about those things n

But what I do know
Is love sets you free
I’m a testimony
To what I do know
And we were meant to meet
And we were meant to be

I don’t know what Jesus looked like
I don’t think I really care
How many gallons make an ocean
How do I measure this emotion
And why you always catch my stare

Don’t know what our kids’ll look like
But I pray they have your eyes
How many logs will build a cabin
How does magic always happen
Yet come as a surprise
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What I Do Know Lyrics

Monique Lualhati & David DiMuzio – What I Do Know Lyrics

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