I think your wrong you think you right and all
That equal up to is a fight lets compromise
Before we go to bed tonite cause if the fight
Don't die before the sunrise we may wake up on
The wrong side lets not go to bed mad tonite

Time is tickin my eyes are gettin heavy but I
Know we gotta squash this so boy what popin
Its time for dropin clock is at 2 right now time for nothin
Cause this aint nothin don't you know that I love you
So stop yo popin and think about it you'll see
Its stupid too.

We agree about thing ungritical and get heated over
Nothin and just hang up the iwont talk in the morn
Said we need a resoulotion like that aaliyah


What time is it I'm not on a mission to stay up
With you all night it makes me so sick to my
Stomach everytime we agrue and fight I mean
It girl my head gets lite it just aint me it's 2: 15
In the morning there is no need

To agrue about thing uncritical and get heated over
Nothing and just hang up the phone I want
Wanna talk in the morn said we need a resoulotion like that
Aaliyah song


I'm not tryin to be mad at you why you make
Me wanna not fool with you can't you see I'm tired girl
Besides the fact it a quater past 2 boy I got
Plenty of thing to do so lets see each others
Point of view

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Don't Go To Bed Mad Lyrics

Monica – Don't Go To Bed Mad Lyrics