Verse 1:
When I wake up in the morning
I see lights flashing
Don't know what it is but it is the papparazzi
I went downstairs to get my fill
Getting my thrill
Don't know what it is but it's giving me the chill
When I see the boys
They think I'm a toy
Don't know what they think I am
But they think my name is sam
Many boys likes me
But many hates me so how is it possible
I'm finally famous
I'm a rockstar
A superstar
My dream is finally here
Don't know how
Don't know why
But the thing is is I'm finally famous(2x)
Verse 2:
When I go to school
Everyone makes me happy
Many people starts being nice to me
I can't belive this but the only thing I love is boys
Boys boys boys
Many boys think about they try to make their girlfriend
Well it's a pity
I love my life
I love everything I have
And also I love boyss
I'm finally famous
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I'm Finally Famous Lyrics

Monica Pertiwi – I'm Finally Famous Lyrics

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