We'll sew these eyes
You'll peel them back.
We'll frame these words
Oh dear, I just need some time.

You've earned the right.
You've earned the right to know
Why I need this time away.
And you need to feel right.

And fool yourself
Surprise your friends.
Raise a toast to everything we once had.
And I'm still afraid to be alone.

And you found me out.
And I need this time to breathe.
Give me space, I'll give you me.
In time we'll sort this out.
And I'll keep this secret safe with me.
I know you've earned the right.

Kill yourself
Surprise your friends.
And raise a toast to everything
We once had
We once had
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The Song You Swore To Never Sing Lyrics

Moneen – The Song You Swore To Never Sing Lyrics