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In The Valley Of The Sun Lyrics

Moistboyz – In The Valley Of The Sun Lyrics

Something done bit me on the back of the neck
And I got a strange feelin' ain't seen nothin' yet
Well my face is on fire - sweat burnin' my eyes
Misery's coming and I'm fixing to die
I'll be eatin' humble pie when the sun goes down
Pullin' up my pants take a look around
I can see 100 miles to the north and south
Can't make enough spit just to wet my mouth

I'm alone
Nobody standin' by me
I'm feelin' dry as the breeze
Nowhere to fill my canteen
My bones are laughing at me
You can call me well done
Nothin's rusting my guns
In the the valley of the sun

The river stopped flowin' just a runnin' sand
And the devil starts laughin' this is his land
Blisters start to bleed up and down my hands
Hyde wearin' tough enough for takin' a brand
Rats are gettin' hungry and I'm lookin' brown
Ground's too hot so I can't sit down
Rattlesnakes are twitchin' and a wigglin' away
My last drop of water - this is one bad day

Should of been there by now
'Cuz Texas Pete is in town
He's roundin' up all my cows
Feel like I'm lettin' him down
My horse is dead on the ground
She couldn't handle the run
In the valley of the sun

And I ain't havin' no fun
In the the valley of the sun
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Songwriters: Guy Heller, Michael Melchiondo

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