She thinks of John Travolta on the same day as me
She even likes artichoke hearts like me
She likes corn
Corn on the cob
She eats cornflakes before she goes to her job
Well she's an artist, she's got everything she needs
Shes very modest
Got a bruise on her knee
Shes got a mole on her back
Its hairy and black
Shes got a butt like a pillow and she likes to wear black
Well I wanna be her hero
Wanna be her man
Well I wanna be her lover any way I can
And I wanna be her friend and I'm doing all I can
Cuz I love her little smiles and all the letters she sends
She sends me
Shes a dopey little girl and her names not nancy
In her own little world her names diane
She likes to play piano
Love to hear her play
She likes to talk to me
I love to hear her say
She loves me a whole freakin lot
She loves me a whole freakin lot
She loves me a whole freakin lot
Oh she loves me a whole freakin lot
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She Sends Me Lyrics

Moe. – She Sends Me Lyrics

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