(when we talk?) we better hope that it never cracks
All hell hit the ground all hard and under his back?
And the ground at the bottom of the ocean
Where the dead do rise
You need proof? I got proof at the surface
You can watch them float by
Way in back of the room there sits a cage
It says to come, but you can win if you forget to change
Which you never can do
Cos it's time to constantly change
For lack or luck---i guess that is the same
It's first page in the book of blue, it read:
"if you read this page, then that'll mean you're dead."
By but then it was too late
And he wound up on an island of shells
And bones, dead bodies and left (all alone)
And the one thing you can tell about human beings is this:
They ain't made of nothing but water and s**t
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What People Are Made Of Lyrics

Modest Mouse – What People Are Made Of Lyrics

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