We've been abandoned. Yeah, we've been left behind. Red hot daggers in
Our conscious through the long cold night. Are we growing ugly? Are we
Wasting time? Tell me your truth, kid. I'll tell you mine. I've
Crawled through obscurity to find the heavy burden of a wasted life.
Go north. Endure the pain in your burning young mind. Through the
Broken backs in the sands of time you've been recalled to life. We are
The bright lights in these dark times. Thoughts like razors in our
Conscious through the long cold night. Lonely and wide eyed. We won't
Be sleeping tonight. Get broken. Regenerate. Resurrect. Is your city
Still sick? Are you still desperate? Get broken. Regenerate.
Resurrect. Prepare your heart for what lies ahead.
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A Tale Of Two Cities Lyrics

Modern Life Is War – A Tale Of Two Cities Lyrics