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Rappin' A$$ Rappers Lyrics

MOD SUN – Rappin' A$$ Rappers Lyrics

[Verse 1: MOD SUN]
Meta got mad bars, I got mad weed
G got mad bitches and they come easily
And this is errday, we do it frequently
See erryone I meet is fucking stoked at meeting me
And I got 4 chicks with dreads screaming “Free Love”
And we some cool mothafuckas so ain't nobody mean mug
And we some cool motha ah, but ain't that shit typical?
People showing love and knowing us everywhere we go

[Verse 2: Meta]
Women holler hourly
Twitter mentions out to eat
On show nights, cause hoes like
To feel like they’re out of reach
Oh psyche, I’m old spice
Look at him, look at me
He’s runner up like Bo Bice
A sucker word to Booker T
See til I don’t exist, but rollin’ out in Oakland bent
Soaking up the weather, stop at Nellie’s for neck bones and fish
And these rappers don’t rock, so they roll with this
Drop bars but I hold my lick

[Verse 3: MOD SUN]
So don’t be dead before they know that you’re alive
It’s the new hippie version of “I will survive”
I got the chimes of freedom, ringing in my mind
The direction, GPS can’t find
A lotta pride, focus on change so I ain't worried bout no dime
So watch me prove my point that the pen is more mighty than any swords
Flash seed equipped with an inner roach clip on the inside like décor
Barely got time to eat, or time to sleep, man I’m fucking bored uh
Got a promise to keep, and people to meet, a lot of calls get ignored

(Your call has been forwarded to an)

[Verse 4: Meta]
One ring, voicemail, knowing that I see the number
Weed is crumbled, blunt is stale, hold up fam I need another
Freedom fighter, Hughie P
Hybrid mixed with Schoolly D
Tune out soon as groupies be, all I think is booty please
Practically a masterpiece, actually a bastard, see
Came from, creative thought cremated by distracted heat
This shit is crack to me folk wildin’ frantically
Eyes looking Cantonese, Ni Hao, Magic Greens

[Verse 5: G-Eazy]
Prolly couldn’t make my mother any prouder
Leave the club my fingers smell like clam chowder
I'm high as a mountain when I’m skiing in the powder
I still can’t hear you, can you hate a little louder?
Your girl keep on tryna get what’s in my trouser
Wowzer, bitch I’m a boss like Bowser
Hoes be all around my site, I wonder who allows her
I think you need to hit the refresh button on your browser
Flow skinny, but my words fat
Bout to roll some of this weed up then we burns that
Word to Mod Sun, I know you heard that
Hol up, now let me switch into my nerd rap
I, I, I’m (I I I’m)
Eazy is the realest that’s completely non equivocal
My style is so original
Your style so fucking typical
You’re dealing with a highly trained and skilled individual
I’m just going hard because
I felt like all you fuckers out there listening were missing me
In one ear and out the other it’s obscene
I’m serving antihistamine
And washing out all of your mouths so Mr. Clean and Listerine
Fuck a rappin' ass rapper
I just wrote this verse to let you know that I could do that
Hair slicked back now thats dapper
Living in New Orleans where dem people holler Who Dat
And they drink during the day, and drink a whole lot more at night
I flew to Minnesota smoked two joints before the flight
Feeling super duper wavy I just want to soar a kite
And I don’t know what that shit meant, but yo that shit was sorta tight
Names Eazy, I does this
Known to go HAM and slay every girl he touches
Off a pill, partying and dancing to Justice
Took your wifey home and then I made that bitch my dutchess
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