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Not That Bad Lyrics

MOD SUN – Not That Bad Lyrics

[Intro: Jody Highroller]
The night ends, ends, ends

[Hook: Jody Highroller]
The night ends, I get sad
I start thinkin' bout mom & dad
I start dreamin' bout things they never had
Times get hard, but its not that bad
Yeah its not that bad
Yeah yeah its not that bad, yeah yeah its not that bad

[Verse 1: Mod Sun]
Yeah, the lightbulb above my head deserves some credit
It seems to never turn off, I won’t dim it
Believe in what I believe in, life’s good, I get it
Could change ya idea of this whole thing in 5 minutes
Didn’t just rap ‘bout makin’ moves, I really did it
Yeah hippy hop still far away from any gimmick
I like my style, I dig my curls, I won’t trim it
At the end of the line screamin’ “please more time!”
So fuckin’ happy I’m alive
You could never say I never tried
And if you did that’d be a lie
Must tie-dye the night and save the sky
What a time we’ve had, in my imagination


[Verse 2: Mod Sun]
Give away everything that you bought, the last good advice I got
Share your perspective, don’t let it be a mystery
And generate actions from a place of purity
4am watching cartoons from the 70’s
Money’s cool
But I’d rather have a memory
Unravelin’, I’ve been travelin’ like a maniac
Yeah, I been On The Road… that’s word to Jack Kerouac
Mikey Bryant said, “it’s almost our time.”
We piece together what was once known as the great divide
Public speaking for my individual misfits
Thoughts to things and Newton’s 3rd law of physics…
That’s SOUL. Health, wealth, success, and happiness
The scene between my two eyelids BEAU-TEA-FULL
On some real art shit, got an easel in my studio
Painting with colors I bet you ain’t never used before
I see the sounds, this like, a tangerine lavender
Plenty of D-A-Z-E on my calendar
So focused I should sit on the lens of a camera

(It's not that bad)


[Outro: Mod Sun]
No matter the amount of negativity your presented with
5 minutes from now could be your best moment
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