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Gemstones Lyrics

MOD SUN – Gemstones Lyrics

[Intro: Mod Sun]
Look up
This that real natural shit
Ay Mod Sun
Yeah, check it out
Uhh yeah

[Verse 1: Mod Sun]
And I've had dirty finger nails, since we started this thing
They said if you work like a slave then you could live like a king
Got me feeling like Bukowski, gotta let my bird sing
Man until they know my message from L.A. to Beijing and
I ain't stopping, no no I ain't stopping
You can see it in my eyes I live all these lines that I'm dropping
Little gemstones, heal your mind, body and soul
You gon' make it home I swear you not in this shit alone
I gave you my minutes, took away all the limits
All the bad times diminish, we get enough of the critics
Smoking good up in Venice, do what we want they gon' let us
We're weirdos but they gon' get us, they got no genre to fit us
Uhh yeah
But ain't that how the story go
On the road, on the train, bout for glory though
They say the less the talk, more you know
I'm deciding making history before I go

[Bridge: Mod Sun]
Let your mind breathe
Forget about the time please
Forget about the places you ain't at
And focus on the present situation
What does every line mean?
Wipe the past off, take your mask off
How high do I get before I blast off
Does everyone broke it to take that cast off
And if I rap about the right thing
Well then is that soft?

[Verse 2: Mod Sun]
These are questions that I'm out here asking on the reg
Never had to beg, you see I do my own thing
Let em do the talking I don't ever have to brag
A million people left inside this world for me to thank
And I'ma thank em too.. mark my words
They smoke to mod sun just to calm they nerves
Been looking for some light then I'ma end that search
I walk the same way, guess it started at birth
And I be on some other shit hovering
Man they ducking, they covering
Heard em say fuck the world man and I just be loving it
I'm the opposite of fold for the mold
Whether bout to serve the dopest ever
So call me a dope dealer, show stealer
Bout to show you who I thought I was
Had a buzz, did the drugs, never rapped about it cuz
If I did it I did it for the right reasons
Open up a door knob, talkin' bout no fucking door to the demons
I'm on the sunny side, grass is green and they down the ride
You smoke wit me, stoner girl? Then you bonafide
On my life, I was thinking that I'm wishing
Now I know its the truth and so I'm simply introducing
This is Mod Sun, to the hundredth degree
Oh yeah you got a poppin' song but you ain't fuckin' with me
All the critics bout to get it I mean literally
I too, can sound like every other rapper in the industry but

[Outro: Mod Sun]
What a shame that that would be
As something that catastrophe
They chasing after strategy
I'm chasing after masterpiece
Been hearing so much blasphemy
Remember when they laughed at me
What what (what what)
That's what made me who I am
And so I'm thankful for that, grateful for that
Yo matter of fact, I think the abstract
Just came at me ten fold
And this ain't even a album track
I'm just killing time until the plaques
And the old, he just said that the new me is back
It's Mod Sun
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