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We Don't Give A... Lyrics

Mobb Deep – We Don't Give A... Lyrics

[Twin Gambino]
Look at my life, you ain't ready to walk in my shoes
I was bruised in this game that's why I stay with them tools
Got nothing to lose, cause shit ain't workin' out for the kid
I had a deal over at Virgin, but they dropped the kid
How come, I don't know, they wasn't feelin' the kids
Or the music to hot for their ears to list'
Back to square one it's all good, it ain't gon' stop a nigga
Like have me do something stupid like go and pop a nigga
It's a movie and I'mma be the star of this shit
With ten bitches at one time, suckin' my dick
We gon' get rich and kill them two cats, that snitch
Im3, bustin' they way, through this hip hop shit
So watch your lip, don't say nothin' about my click
Or catch a clip, while you walkin' wit ya lady and shit
We crazy and shit, like chickens with their head cut off
We little niggaz with big guns that'll take your head off
And we rippin' your lady in the bathroom of the Green Acres Mall
Where gonna stand tall, we fall if a slug hit our chest
It's all gravy, Queensbridge roll like the Navy
Little girls runnin' around havin' mad babies

[Chorus: Havoc]
Yo, ya'll don't a give a yeah, we don't give a yeah
At the, end of the day, a slug'll, ruin your liver
For real, on the strength of that automatic steel
So fast, you won't have time to build

[Ty Knitty]
Ayo, we here foot in the door, time for take off
Yo, we take over, move over, im3
And ya'll niggaz don't really mean shit to me
Spread love through the five boroughs, tri-state mid-state
Violate, get your face carved in
Fuckin' with these Queensbridge marksmen
Never go against our grain, twenty tats, ball head cat, rep qb
See me on the stage iced out, laced up
Hazed up, jumping in them big ass trucks
When we shoot you better duck, you out of luck young'n
Catch you runnin' while we gunnin', chasin' you down like blood hounds
Beatin' you down, to the very last compound
With fo'four pounds, two aluminum bats, we ruin' you cats
We im3 nigga you better move back, we fake no jacks
Jump real quick, we them Queens motherfuckers, that stay in that bullshit


Looking back at time, a lot of niggaz died
Right before my eyes, suicide, homicide, do or die
My crew and I, pledge Infamous, don't leave no witnesses
We handled all our differences, these menaces we livin' it
We've been gettin' it got it, glock c*** won't hesitate
To empty out the whole clip, y'all niggaz best notice
When it's time and it's bout to go down, we control the shit
Ain't nobody in this whole, industry can hold us in
You can try, but you won't succeed, we a rare breed
And don't say much, cause, real niggaz don't speak
Amongst beef, my handle like, hot sauce
I take that on top boards, my action unaccountable
Could snap at any give time, doubting you
My raps steady pounding you, we drowning you with Infamous
The im3 continuous, we livin' it, I speak from experience
He's driven it, we M-O-B-B, qb, Murda Muzik

Yo, that's that that shit, that I be, talkin' about
Niggaz, playin' they hands wrong, runnin' they mouth
Snitchin', all up in they blood, I can't click
There ain't nothing to discuss, I only fuck with
Niggaz raise with me, ain't no time for new friends
Loose ends, take my gangsta to the grave with me
It's all day with me, loyal to my dunns
Know it's nothing, cowards breathe when we clappin' those guns

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