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Low Lyrics

Mobb Deep – Low Lyrics

Secret love, that's what this is
I gotta go, the wife and kids
Don't want to leave it, you already know
We so in love but what can we do
My wife is your best friend
How the fuck did we let this
Thing get so far gone there's no way we could fix it
Baby boy on the way, if she only knew that's mines
Shit is like a daytime soap or movie on Lifetime
But nah nigga this real life and it hurts
Missing you or lying to her I don't know what make it feel worse
And me putting her first makes me feel like shit
I hate seeing you cry, wipe away your tears
Fuck it I'm a just leave her but what about our kids
Don't want to break their hearts let's wait a few more years
Oh god I swear to god I wish that we could just bounce
Don't even pack no bag just break the fuck out

How can we love when we love
If this love is never supposed to be
Living lies that the truth could see
So now tell me love, can we love
If we know this love can't be this way
Let's keep this love low

My feelings for you got me feeling foul
How we even get here
Feeling funny being in here, my homey used to live here
When he died a part of me died
Seeing you have to suffer
Just wanted to comfort not turn into lovers
That shoulder you could lean on, I know shit got you stressin'
The kids asking for daddy, they keep asking the question
Came around to check up on ya'll, I know my homey do the same
Guilt like a motherfucker, how we get into this thing
That love shit is real, is all that wrong
People looking at us like we crazy
Now we spend nights on the phone all night long
Got so much in common this shit is crazy
It's more than just physical 'cause mentally you stimulate me
And if I ain't up on it baby you just educate me
And vice-versa, that's what we both in search of
Want to love and get it, somebody that we could nurture
Is it wrong?
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