Kill'em all, kill'em all, kill'em all, dey die, dey die, dey die,
Dey die (repeat) They wanna see tha Bone gone, they wanna see tha
Bone gone They wanna see tha Bone gone, they wanna see tha Bone
Long gone (repeat) Murda, bloody murda (repeat 3x)
(It's ya nigga) It's ya nigga Leather Face so murda's on until tha
Break of dawn. Tha yellin, tha screamin, it's Krayzie, that's my
Name, that's my name, that's my name. Makin mothafuckaz feel fa
Pain. Time to die, call doe with mista sawed off Leather Face, wit
Ah hell of ah day. Is he real, is he real nigga, tell me, is he
Real, could ya pull it in spray. This Mo' Thug organization, we
Causin much destruction, destruction, destruction. Listen to tha
Sound of me 12 guage eruption, eruption, eruption
Krayzie in tha backround (shit, nigga, I know I'm tired ah these
Hoe ass niggaz be puttin our name in their mothafuckin mouth,
Nigga. Yall mothafuckaz don't know us nigga, what tha fuck. Nah
Mean? Where tha fuck do you know me from nigga. You in this
Mothafuckin Bone thugs nigga. Straight from Cleveland, nigga,
Ain't sayin nothin about you hoe ass niggaz. You mothafuckaz
Runnin around here puttin yo name where yall mothafuckaz went, that
Shit is strain, nigga. We ain't gon' say nothin to you bitch ass
Niggaz. We just gon' see you mothafuckaz on tha streets and it's
On. Yall mothafuckaz can't playa hate and dance to tha mothafuckin
Beat, nigga, you think you thug. Ain't no mothafuckin shakin
Hands, nigga, when we see you it's on. Ain't no mothafucka gettin
Somebody else with Krayzie
(I'm workin on this still)
Krayzie Stale and shit while niggaz, you playa hatin. Nigga came
On ta put tha mothafuckin city on, ya know what I'm sayin? 'cause
Cleveland on tha mothafuckin map. Tha niggaz still runnin around
This, never playa hatin, you know what I'm sayin? 'cause we can, you
Know what I'm sayin? It was all about Cleveland, you know what I'm
Sayin? It was all about mothafuckin Cleveland, you know what I'm
Sayin? Hey, nigga, I feel like this, you know what I'm sayin?
Fuck it, nigga, it's all about them Bone thug ass niggaz, you know
What I'm sayin?
Hey, it's alright, it's alright Tell me do you want to come and
Play with me? (repeat 2x) Do you want to play play play?
Roll wit a gun in my hand, and they can't understand how we ran
Wit tha murda mo, murda mo, murda mo. Rippin dem guts and spillin
Dat blood (repeat)
Fiend and get'em wit tha pump and peel ya. Buck'em up until ya, ya
Body so battle time, let's catch enough, a million, who killed ya?
Tha nigga wit da leather face, every pumpa knows, 'cause he won't
Show. Leather Face is identified, see tha murda all in his eyes
Who can hide, 'cause murder is tha world, no no no, you can't hide 'cause
Murder is tha world. You mercy screams are not needed, too late
When you precede to be blood, yeah (repeat) Kill'em all, kill'em
All, kill'em all.....

Arti-arti-llery that's what ya got to have to fuck wit
Me (repeat) Murder mo, come come, dey done, meet red rum (repeat

It's all right, if you want to come and play wit me..... And when
Ya meet tha sawed off, just say mista, nigga when ya meet tha sawed
Off, just say mista, Leatha Face, Leatha Face, Leatha Face. Nigga
Leatha Face Leatha Face Leatha Face
Da, Dah.....
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Mo Murder Lyrics

Mo' Thugs – Mo Murder Lyrics

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