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Itoshii Hito (Beloved One) (English Version) Lyrics

Miyavi – Itoshii Hito (Beloved One) (English Version) Lyrics

My beloved
Don't cry, show me a smile.
I didn't say I liked seeing tears, did I?

My beloved
It's all right, you're not lonely, now.
Just when you're lonely, I'm lonely too?

My beloved
Don't open your closed eyes just yet, ok.
Just like that... Just like that... But don't go to sleep (laugh)

My beloved
It's not "I could die for you" but rather I've decided "I'll live for you"
Of course together with you too, now, forever, and ever

Don't love yourself any more, 'cause I'll have what's left over.

My beloved
Even if we were to be born again, because I would be this me,
And you will be that you.
And I will say this again, always, allways.

My beloved
Slowly open those eyes, it's the same as always isn't it?

That is good.
That is good.
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