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Ashita, Genki Ni Naare Lyrics

Miyavi – Ashita, Genki Ni Naare Lyrics

And without changing anything, we will continue to change, won't we

Ready go, Ready go, Ready ready go

Lalala whistle, and next "si" an "doe" with lively steps, merrily on your way
Swaggering on, and laughing through your nose
Holdin' your head up without a care in the world?

"Don't go far away"
You say, but

When I say
"How about we go together?"

Just that thing
Just that thing
Now, why don't you answer?

With spring wind, breathin' in a breeze.
Saluting the horsetails,
And smashing the highest high-five of the spring.

The unchanging days, to the unchanging past
The unchanging dream, to the unchanging tomorrow
Unchanging me, to unchanging you

Let's stay here unchangingly, huh?

The repeating days, to the past which won't return
The unchanging dream, that's tomorrow right before your eyes
Unshakeable me, to you who laughed
Without losing our way, together...

How 'bout it

~Today, Miyavi shall speak~
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