Listen at the speed of sound
Sinners lost and found
This is dedicated to anyone who relates
And waits for the drop of the kickdrum
(It doesn't matter where you're from)
And I've waited for a time like this for much too long
It's been a few months now
But now that I'm back in the show I'm ready to get down down down

Would you come dance with me
And everyone is singing
Come on get ready to go to the disco
Everything that you see and everything I believe
When the timing is right we are the children of light

Don't want to single you out
But I admire your style
The way you're guarding your heart
Makes my waiting worthwhile
Cause my intentions are good
I'm so glad you're here
We could sing all night my dear

I'll never understand this love you have for us
With you I'll never be alone
In the night when the darkness is pulling within
And my heart falls apart and I won't give in
I'll never be alone
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Children Of Light Lyrics

Mixtape Metro – Children Of Light Lyrics