I don't know why
I love you like I do
I don't know why
I need you like I do

I must be crazy to fool myself
When I know, when I know
You belong to someone else

I'm sharing you
Lord, sharing you
Yes, I know
Yes, I know, baby

I know you're married
Lord, to someone else
I hope she finds it in
Her heart to forgive me
I can't help myself

Cause if you love me
Like you say you do
Then leave her
Then leave her

I want you to
Leave her right now
Make it right now, baby

I can't go on living on
The promises and tomorrows
Lord, when I can easily
Have someone else

Then a true love
Maybe I'll find

A love I had to share
Has brought me despair
They say to keep on pushing
But I began to shove
But a shove won't make it much

Then leave her
Oh, leave her

You just won't, you just won't
You just won't leave her
So I'll be sharing you
I'll be sharing, sharing you
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Sharing You Lyrics

Mitty Collier – Sharing You Lyrics

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