[Lyrics: - Macey]

Your will shattered Like an egg beneath my feet Your nature to obey Marked as a follower You accomplish nothing Too blind to see the way You are as sand As the wind blows

You cling to it Your faith as your shield Against the perils Of this world But blind you cannot see Hidden by this guise of faith An ultimately superior Reality!

[Solo: - Macey]

My will -crushes your will Our will- sends Tidal waves of fear Throughout your mundane empire Unseen we reign supreme We stand ignored with sight In your kingdom of the blind

A breed of men apart We are the ones who shape our lives We tread our way Along these paths seldom trodden.

[Dual Solo: - Macey/White (l-r)]
[Solo: - Macey]
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As The Wind Blows Lyrics

Mithras – As The Wind Blows Lyrics