He met her at a college dance, the year was '39
A small town in the midwest, amidst cornfields and sky
He was from a poor family, she was the beauty of the
He vowed to make her happy to be true to what he'd

They struggled through the first years, money was tight
Had a son and a daughter, they knew were God's light
He sold insurance on Main Street and she raised their
But something was missing from this American Dream

He said my heart is in the right place
But I can't go on this way
The things money can't buy are lacking in my life
And my heart yearns for a new day
And my heart yearns for a new day

He built up his business and put some money down

On a brick house on Park Street, it was the finest
Street in town
Children waved when they saw him, in church he sang in
The choir
He prayed for God to help him fulfill this desire

He sang... Chorus

He left on a journey, out to see the west
But he could not put a distance between him and his
So he looked to the Pacific in hopes of changing his
And with a heavy heart wrote these words to his wife

He wrote... Chorus

The years passed so quickly, his children were full
He and his wife now, were back on their own
He said "I seem to have everything, but what fools we
Mortals be?"
And he passed away quietly from this American Dream
And he passed away quietly from this American Dream
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This American Dream Lyrics

Misty River – This American Dream Lyrics