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The End Is Near Lyrics

Mistweaver – The End Is Near Lyrics

I gazed at the sky and I cried
To the black clouds and the wind
And I stared and I shaked
When the rivers turned into blood

Hail and fire mixed with blood
Were thrown upon the earth
From the sky fell a star
That was burning as a torch

This is what was written
And now it is done
The dawning of a new age
The beginning of the end

The prophecies are consumed
The end of times is here
Noone will survive
Mankind will disappear

Death reigns the earth
Mankind's extinction, terror's domain
Shadows fall
An eternal night will last 'til the end

With no direction we walk
Light fades away
The endless path to nowhere
Our destiny is our death

A gail was wailing
From a desolated sky
With fear I looked
And my eyes started to cry

The lights of the end
The final call
The last mistake
To find the sickest of deaths
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