If you speak the worlds of life, they say you'll see the sunlight
But if you still can't obey them, in darkness you will be kept
The words of life, the words of doom is the biggest life ever, I presume
Hey said god's you're ruler and god's you're father
He'll save you from the words of death again

The words of life, the words of god
The words of death, the words of evil
I'm evil

Words of life make me feel like hell
It's a long story I can't tell
I want to run away to a place
Were everyone has a beauty face
Another time to the land of god
To the land of light
There's no eternal life

God where are you
And god do you exist
I've been captured here for 300 years
I've been captured here in my soul
I'm stuck in here all alone
Sorry for my since I've suffered enough god no one deserve this
If you're so good why won't you help me

The words of life the biggest lie
The words of life the biggest lie on earth
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Words Of Life Lyrics

Mist Of Avalon – Words Of Life Lyrics