Bulging muscles and dashing looks
Flashing from the comic books
He's all a man could want to be
He's out to save the world
There's no doubt he'll get the girl
And that's the life I want for me, for me!

He's a Super Hero, x-ray eyes and bright red speedo
So everybody, clear the way
He's a Super Hero there's no need to fear, no
Here he comes to save the day

Six eleven with a knack for sports
There's no product he won't endorse
Cause he's an all star mvp
He's out to rule the game
Everybody knows his name
He could be the best there'll ever be, unlike me

Broken down and muscles sore, wondering what you're livin' for
You need a hero as much as me
Nail pierced hands love for all, are you able to hear His call
He's calling you to be free
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Superhero Lyrics

Mission Six – Superhero Lyrics

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