Melanie lets get together. Can you see we'll last forever.

The future of today are the odds against us?
I hear what people say, they don't trust each other?
So don't turn away we need communication.
We must learn to give help out one another.

Melanie. Let's get together. Can you see we'll last forever?

[Verse 2:]
The roadblock's here today there's no simple beginning.
Money's in the way but you won't find me quitting.
I'll try so hard for you, seek out opportunity,
We will find a way to make it because I still believe.

Melanie. Let's get together. Help me see, there's a vision in your eyes. Talk to me, tell me we can face it. Wrap your arms around me, we'll never need to fake it

[Verse 3:]
Times are tougher now, I will not be a martyr.
Take a look around I'll work a little harder.
We must make a stand and prove it to each other.
Faith will take us there. Our love will make us stronger.

Melanie. Let's get together. Wrap your arms around me. We'll last forever. Smile to me. I feel the love that's in your heart. All around me. I feel the love that you're a part.
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Melanie Lyrics

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