I see you walk straight through me
And this is not your scene
I'm not a ghost, just make believe
Here I am just watching you, you burn alive
Can't the time to tell you the truth
The truth behind your lies
So take the air I breathe
And redeem the trust you lost in me
You don't have my pity
No, you don't have my pity

Take back the words you said or is it too late now?
Are you fighting with the devil or dancing with him?
Now pull back the sheets and let it get under your skin
Can you hear the second hand ticking?
You can't take the time to realize what's about to unfold
I'm running out of reasons to let it go to you
So forever I'll say, forever I'll say go and you'll go on

Take my words
You can't stop here
Save yourself
Oh my God

In my judging of the book
Is you were not meant to be anything
More than just a liar, a satisfactory

This is the end, haha
We reached the end
Now my book falls way too deep
And I'm waist high in deceit
Can't take a breath?
Take mine
You need it more
All hope is gone
All omniety is gone
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That's Going On Your Permanent Record Lyrics

Missing In Maryland – That's Going On Your Permanent Record Lyrics